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About Nutraceutical Sciences Institute (NSI)

Nutraceutical Sciences Institute (NSI) Backed by Science
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Nutraceutical Sciences Institute® (NSI®)
Founded in 1994, we have been unwavering in our mission: To boldly address the health of our nation by educating consumers and medical professionals about the significant benefits of nutritional supplementation --- including the proper use of superior nutraceutical products, whose formulations are based purely on scientific research.

Our board of nationally- and internationally-recognized doctors have a hand in the development of all NSI formulas, and because of that, everything we put our name on contains the purest, most potent ingredients for your maximum health.

Not All Vitamins and Herbs Are Created Equal
Research has shown that not all vitamins and supplements contain the proper amount of ingredients, nor are they backed by industry professionals. Intensive research --- including the review of thousands of medical studies --- has gone into every NSI formulation, resulting in exclusive patents on many. Each of our nutraceutical products contain only the specific nutrients at their optimal dosages. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Multi-vitamins and nutrients vary in their standards and potency. Your typical A-Z multi-vitamin, for example, contains many of the same nutrients as your specialized premium vitamin, but at a lower grade or blend. Lower grade vitamins, nutrients and herbal supplements are sold in non-standardized forms-resulting in ineffectiveness.

Standardized nutrients are the only things we put in our NSI vitamins and nutritional supplements. Standardization isolates the portion of a plant or herb that contains the active ingredient that produces the actual clinical benefit. For example, 100 mg of a whole plant herbal nutrient in raw (non-standardized) form may contain only 5 mg of the active ingredient. The active ingredient is then isolated and concentrated through this special process known as standardization.

The Proof is on The Label... or What's NOT on it
A convenient way many companies cut costs is to use a "blend" of a particular nutrient. They do this by combining an effective nutrient with a cheaper raw material-thus increasing their profits at your expense. In the case of calcium, for example, the label may indicate that the product contains calcium in the form of carbonate and citrate malate. What the label doesn't "tell" you is that the product may actually contain 99% of the carbonate form and only 1% of the citrate malate form. The carbonate form is essentially nothing more than ground-up rock and is considerably less expensive than the citrate malate form that has been proven to reverse bone loss and cut fracture rates in half.
All of the nutraceutical products from NSI utilize powerful UltrAbsorb Technology® - highly concentrated nutrients (the most bioactive forms) and digestive aids to maximize absorption up to 250%! Plus, NSI's capsules are easier to swallow than rock hard tablets and dissolve faster for maximum absorption.

NSI Customer Testimonial:

It was easy to order, product was just what I wanted, price was right and it arrived very fast. Couldn't ask for more in any respect.
-- Don S.

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