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Chia Seeds Benefits
chia seeds benefits

Chia seeds benefits and recipes

Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds. You’ve probably used them to grow an adorable animal in a novelty clay planter, but did you know these tiny pods are actually edible? And good for you?

It’s true! Chia seeds have been consumed for thousands of years, and are well-known for their nutritional value and health benefits. They’re packed with protein, fiber, omega-3 essential fatty acids and essential minerals such as iron, copper, calcium and zinc.

Benefits of chia seeds include appetite support (from filling fiber), hydration (they can absorb 10x their weight in water!) and energy support.

Once you buy chia seeds, how can you use them? In addition to sprinkling them on soups, salads, veggies and cereal, you can also use them in many different recipes:

Chia Super Smoothie:

Combine ingredients, blend and enjoy!

• 2 cups almonds milk (or other dairy-free milk)

• 2 tbsp whole chia seeds

• ½ tsp organic ground cinnamon

• ½ tsp vanilla extract

• ½ tsp stevia (or other natural sweetener)

• 1 banana

Chia-Cucumber Side Salad

Combine first 5 ingredients. Chill and top with a sprinkling of chia seeds before serving.

• 1 large cucumber, thinly sliced

• ½ yellow onion, sliced into strips

• ½ tbsp stevia (or other natural sweetener)

• 4 ½ tbsp rice vinegar

• Salt (to taste)

• 1 tbsp whole chia seeds

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