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Coq10 benefits. Buy Coenzyme Q10 at
coq10 benefits

Coq10 Benefits

COQ10: no, it’s not a secret code. But let us fill you in on this covert compound’s activities

Spy games are fun, but mystery has no place in the vitamin aisle. Rows upon rows of bottles plastered with strange letter-number combinations can stump even the most seasoned health sleuth. Which supplements do what? How much is needed? Does any of it really help?

Let’s start with one that triggers a lot of shoulder shrugging: CoQ10. Not really a vitamin, CoQ10 (officially, coenzyme Q10, or ubiquinone) is a fat-soluble compound involved in energy production. Cells use it to make ATP, the “energy currency” that fuels every function in your body. Organs that work the hardest (your heart, liver, kidney) have the highest concentration of CoQ10.

Sounds important-so everyone should take it, right? Not so fast. When you’re young and healthy, your body pumps out plenty of coenzyme Q10 on its own. But around your 30th birthday, production starts to slow down. If you’re blowing out 60 or 70 candles, you may be making only a third of the amount of coenzyme Q10 you did back when your skin was wrinkle free and what to wear on date night was your biggest worry.

Besides aging, taking statin drugs, smoking and sun exposure can affect healthy CoQ10 levels. Talk to your healthcare provider about whether or not this supplement might be right for you. Then head over to We carry this supplement, at the best prices online!