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Five things every medicine cabinet needs

Stuff happens - you know, stuff like colds, scrapes, headaches and tummy troubles. Don’t get caught off guard; keep your medicine cabinet well-stocked with these five health essentials:

  1. Bandages. Whether it’s a little boo-boo or a big, painful scrape, adhesive bandages can help protect the wound from icky dirt and bacteria.
  2. Pain Reliever. Sore muscles? Splitting headache? You’ll want to have a stock of your preferred pain reliever on hand to help whatever’s hurting.
  3. Cold/Flu Medicine. When sickness sneaks up on you, there’s no time to dash to the drugstore. Keep a supply of cold, flu and cough products in your cabinet, just in case.
  4. Stomach/Digestion Aids. When food isn’t your friend (it happens to all of us), reach for a stomach or digestive aid to soothe your tummy and keep things moving at a normal pace.
  5. Eye Drops. Dry eyes are no fun. Eye drops can help keep your peepers moisturized, lubricated and clear.
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Medicine Cabinet Products

Coughs, colds and cuts happen. There’s no way around ‘em. But there’s also no need to dash to the drugstore and dig through your purse for a rewards card. That’s because the Vitacost Medicine Cabinet is stocked with all the over-the-counter products you need to soothe minor aches, pains, scrapes and so much more.

While you won’t find over-the-counter antibiotics (you still need a prescription for those, sorry!), you will find a wide selection of helpful products, including pain relievers, vitamins, cold and flu products, over-the-counter sleep aids, allergy and sinus essentials, even pH and pregnancy tests!

Over-the-counter medications are already convenient - no doctor’s office, no prescriptions, no insurance paperwork - but thanks to Vitacost, you can get everything delivered straight to your door. Plus, you can enjoy everyday savings without having to clip coupons or sign up for membership cards.

Our Medicine Cabinet isn’t a bargain bin of unwanted, unheard-of products, either. We carry all the big name brands you know and trust, including Airborne, Advil, Bayer, Benadryl, Centrum, Crest and many more. Whether it’s an upset stomach or a scraped knee - be prepared for life’s little bumps by stocking up on over-the-counter medications and other drugstore essentials at!

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