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fish oil benefits

Fish Oil Benefits

Nothing fishy here! Just a good, old-fashioned spoonful of fish oil, loaded with essential omega-3s

Gone are the days of curbing children’s cursing with a spoonful of stinky cod liver oil. Now, potty-mouthed kids sulk in “time out,” and parents try to come up with clever ways to sneak fish oil into snacks and meals rather than punishing them with it.

Fish Oil Benefits: most notably, it’s teeming with omega-3 essential fatty acids-nutrients your body needs, but can’t make on its own. Fish is such a great source of health-promoting omega-3s, the American Heart Association encourages eating at least two servings a week.

Seafood make you squeamish? Fish oil supplements supply all the omega-3s you need (and then some!), in easy-to-take liquid, capsule, gummy and creamy pudding form. Not only do they not taste “fishy,” they may be safer than eating the real thing. Purifying processes and strict testing make sure mercury and other contaminants picked up by fish in polluted waters are eliminated.

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