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Green Coffee Bean Extract
green coffee bean extract

What is green coffee bean extract?

You’ve heard of “green” energy, “green” cleaning products - but how about green coffee beans?

It’s not what you think. Green coffee beans are actually young, unroasted beans - think of them as the beginnings of your favorite morning beverage.

Green coffee bean extract is derived from these incredibly bitter-tasting baby beans. The extract is rich in chlorogenic acid, a natural compound which, according to recent research, may help support healthy weight management. Additional research is necessary to confirm these claims, but that hasn’t stopped the world from buzzing about the possibilities of these coffee beans.

But before you order an extra latté at the coffee shop, consider this - as soon as the beans are roasted, most of the chlorogenic acid is destroyed. Because the beans themselves are so bitter, your best bet is to try a green coffee bean extract supplement.