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Keeping kosher: basic guidelines

What does it mean when people "keep kosher"? It means they follow a strict set of guidelines about how foods are prepared and which may be consumed. The actual Jewish laws are more in-depth, but here are a few basic guidelines:

  • Non-kosher foods: Foods that are strictly off-limits include pork, shellfish, catfish, sturgeon and insects. Byproducts of non-kosher animals (such as milk) or any products made with non-kosher animal ingredients (including gelatin) are considered non-kosher.
  • Food preparation: Kosher meat must be manufactured in accordance with Jewish law. Meat (and any other kosher products) cannot be processed with non-kosher additives or ingredients.
  • Food combinations: Kosher meat and dairy products cannot be cooked or consumed together. For this reason, you'll often find "M", "D" or "Pareve" next to the kosher symbol on a processed food item. These signify that a product contains meat, dairy or neither.
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What is kosher

In order for a product to be classified as kosher, it must meet certain criteria. Only certain animals and animal-derived products are considered kosher, and they must be prepared and manufactured according to specific guidelines. A kosher product cannot contain any ingredients or additives that are not considered kosher.

Where to buy kosher products

There’s no need to drive to a specialty store, because is stocked with all the kosher products you’re looking for - including kosher vitamins and supplements, foods, snacks, cooking supplies and so much more.

Kosher vitamins and supplements

For those who keep kosher, it is important to examine the ingredient list of all consumable items, including vitamins and supplements. Not only is it vital to ensure all nutrients are derived from kosher sources, but it’s crucial to confirm the delivery system (e.g. capsule, softgel) is kosher as well. Luckily, carries an array of kosher supplements stamped with an official kosher certification.

Kosher foods and snacks

Whether you’re preparing a big kosher meal or just looking for quick breakfast foods, you’ll be pleased to know that offers hundreds of delicious kosher foods and snacks, including crackers, food bars, baking mixes, breads, condiments, pasta and more.

Other kosher products

The term “kosher” doesn’t just apply to consumable items. Keeping kosher may also involve washing utensils and dishes (and your body, too!) with a special kosher soap that does not contain certain animal fats.

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