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Household Cleaners

Household Cleaners
Vitacost - The Clean Collection

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Natural Household Cleaners and Organic Household Cleaners

Fast-acting. Antibacterial. Multi-purpose. Industrial-strength. They all sound so effective, but which one is the best? Finding top-notch household cleaners is like playing “I Spy” with your kids. Enough with the games. You can simplify your selection with one question: Do you really want to spray chemicals on the table where your family eats every day?

We didn’t think so. That’s why carries natural household cleaners that blast dirt, cut grease and clear away grime with safe, gentle, plant-based ingredients. You might wonder how those nifty disinfecting wipes claim to sanitize without the use of harsh chemicals. They do it with the power of botanical extracts and essential oils, such as thyme oil.

Surface Cleaner

As you know, shopping for cleaning supplies doesn’t stop at the all-purpose surface cleaner. You need to de-stain clothes, pick up dust balls and clean dirty dishes, too. These other all-natural household cleaners – yes, including dishwashing liquid – work much the same way, employing plant-derived ingredients and fragrances to not only make your house sparkle but rid it of any lingering dirty-laundry stench.

At, we care about your health – your whole health! In addition to offering organic foods, supplements and beauty care, is your destination for organic household cleaners at spot-on prices.

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