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Vitamin D Deficiency.

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Night owls, pay attention! Why everyone should give a hoot about vitamin D deficiency.

So you sleep all day-or maybe you just hang out at home a lot. Either way, not getting enough sun exposure does more than make you pale and groggy. It also puts you at risk for vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D, a must-have for bone health and other important body processes, is created by the body when ultraviolet B (UVB) sunlight hits skin. It takes 10 to 15 minutes of basking, at least three times a week (says the National Institutes of Health), for the sun to work its magic against vitamin D deficiency. Doesn’t sound hard, right? But some things can make it tricky:

  • 1. You need direct exposure-on your face, arms, back or legs---without sunscreen (wrinkle-phobes, take note!)
  • 2. Soaking up rays through car windows, or any other window, doesn’t count (it prompts some production, but not enough)
  • 3. Cloudy days and dark skin also affect how much vitamin D your skin makes

If you’re worried about vitamin D deficiency, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider. He or she may suggest taking a vitamin D supplement, especially if you’re up North, where sunny days are short for a good part of the year. You can also ask for a vitamin D deficiency test, which will determine whether or not your levels are actually low.

If you decide to supplement, has a great selection of vitamin D formulas in varying dosages, alone or in combination with other helpful nutrients. Don’t let vitamin D deficiency get you down! We ship everywhere-even to the darkest corners of the world.