3 Homemade Fruit Roll-Up Recipes

Liana Werner-Gray

by | Read time: 1 minute

You’ve got to pick your battles. And when it comes to packing your child’s lunchbox, that’s one fight for which you are armed and ready. Your kid begs and pleads for those conventional “fruit” snacks – the ones that contain excess amounts of sugar, artificial flavors and colors and zero actual fruit. But you mastered healthy back-to-school shopping this year and stocked up on the ingredients needed to make these real-food-based fruit leathers and homemade fruit roll ups. Kid- and mother-approved, these snacks will bring about the truce you’ve been hoping for.  

Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups (or Fruit Leather) in Clear Bowl | Vitacost.com/blog


Cherry Plum Roll-Up

6 cups cherries, seeded and pureed
1-1/2 cups of plum jam

Strawberry Nectarine Roll-Up

2 cups strawberry applesauce
4 nectarines, seeded and pureed

Orange Apricot Roll Up

4 cups fresh apricots, seeded and pureed
1-1/2 cups apricot jam
2 cups oranges, pureed


  1. In medium bowls, combine pureed fruit and jam.
  2. To make in dehydrator, place parchment paper on mesh screens. Pour fruit mixture on paper to 1/4-inch thickness. Dehydrate at 115 degrees F for 8-12 hours or until no longer wet.
  3. To make in oven, preheat to 150 degrees F. Place fruit mixture on baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake 4-6 hours.