3-Ingredient Protein Pancakes

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by | Updated: July 29th, 2016

Pancakes may seem like a laborious morning meal to make. But, oh contraire! Unless you’re grabbing a protein bar and rushing out the door, nearly every other breakfast requires at least three ingredients. What’s better about these particular pancakes is you get tons of protein, whole grains and pure deliciousness. Make these once and try to tell me I’m wrong.  

3-Ingredient Protein Pancakes
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3-Ingredient Protein Pancakes

Makes:  2 (basically enough for 1 person, but you can multiply the recipe very easily to make more)
Nutritional profile:  
226 calories
20 g carbs
29 g protein


½ cup oats
1 scoop protein  powder
about ¼ cup almond milk


1. In a small bowl, blend all [3!] ingredients. Use only enough almond milk to get the batter moist and mixable.

2. Turn stove top to medium-high heat and let a pan heat up.

3. Pour batter onto hot pan and cook until it begins to bubble. Flip your flapjacks and finish cooking through.

4. Using a second scoop of protein powder and just enough almond milk to make a somewhat-thin consistency, you can easily make protein “syrup” to drizzle over top. I added almond butter to mine and loved every bite!

Tip: the kind of protein you use DOES matter! I use Cellucor, because I’ve found it to blend the best for pancakes and waffles, especially. Let me know what brand(s) you’ve tried and leave me a comment about how it turned out!