3 Reasons Why Drinking Coffee is Good for You

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

If you worry that your daily cuppa coffee is a vice, we’re got good news. There’s plenty of research to show that it actually might be good for your health! Sound too good to be true? Here are a few benefits to consider.

3 Reasons Why Drinking Coffee is Good for You

When you think of antioxidant-rich drinks, green tea or red wine probably come to mind. But scientists have found that coffee is steaming with antioxidants, or compounds (also found in fruits and vegetables) that fight against free radical damage in the body. Drinking coffee in moderation is an easy way to boost your dietary intake of these protective nutrients.

Alertness & brainpower
If you can’t seem to shake off sleepiness during boring office meetings or need to put the pep back in your step come mid-day, coffee — a well-known source of caffeine — is a convenient solution. While consuming caffeine isn’t for everyone and may cause jittery side effects, studies show that it can be an effective way to enhance alertness and boost your concentration.

Appetite suppression
Since it’s zero-calories and can actually curb your appetite, black coffee can also be considered a diet aid. You might even try an enhanced version for dieters, such as Brew Slim, which is fortified with the popular diet herbal extract, Garcinia cambogia.

Just be careful about what you add to it if you don’t like plain coffee. For example, non-fat milk, unsweetened almond milk or stevia (an all-natural sweetener) can provide add-ons that won’t add onto your waistline.

A couple of cautions:  If you have high blood pressure or take any medications, be sure to check with your doctor before you pick up a coffee habit. In addition, if you already have sleep problems, stop drinking caffeine four hours before it’s time to sleep. And don’t forget, there’s always decaf.