4 Natural Cleaning Products That Really Work

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

You want your home to be clean and free of germs. We don’t blame you. But are spotless countertops and sparkling toilet bowls really worth the repeated exposure to dangerous—potentially toxic—chemicals?

4 Natural Cleaning Products That Should Be in Every Home

Ironic, isn’t it? The same popular products we rely on to clean our homes, offices and vehicles are simultaneously contaminating our indoor air and irritating our lungs. The chemicals in many common cleaners can pose countless health hazards ranging from mild (watery eyes and skin irritation) to severe (serious chemical burns and chronic health issues).

But you don’t have to compromise your health for clean carpet. Some companies have caught on to consumers’ increasing concerns about the safety of common household cleaners. And lucky for us, they’ve decided to do something about it.

We now have access to a wide range of products that are tough on grease and grime, but gentle on our bodies and the environment. Read on to learn about some of our faves.

Make every surface sparkle
One product, so many uses. “All-purpose” cleaners are a no-brainer. But many of the brands that line store shelves contain harmful ingredients, like ammonia, sodium hypochlorite and trisodium phosphate. We won’t go into detail about the potential dangers of these chemicals. Suffice it to say, they definitely pose serious health risks—especially for curious kiddos who are known for touching and tasting things they shouldn’t.

Instead, opt for a natural, all-purpose cleaner, like Ecover Lemon All-Purpose Cleaner, which tackles your toughest jobs without adversely affecting your health. This versatile product can be used on all hard surfaces, from filthy floors to crusted counter tops and is made from plant-based ingredients. Plus it has a delightful lemon scent. Get ready to meet your new best friend!

Refresh and revive your carpet
Are your carpet and rugs overdue for a shampoo? Beware of products containing butyl, chlorine, glycol ether and petroleum solvents. These are just a few of the numerous chemicals found in common carpet cleaners (check their labels for a full—and frightening—list!). In addition to the myriad health risks these popular products pose, they often leave your rugs smelling like, well… chemicals.

To avoid unnecessary exposure to harmful ingredients and ensure that your carpet and rugs look and smell their very best, choose a product without artificial colors, fragrance or preservatives, like Biokleen Carpet and Rug Shampoo. This natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaner is safe and gentle on all washable fibers, and its grapefruit seed and orange peel extract provide a powerful clean and a fresh citrus scent.

Make your furniture gleam
Furniture polish is used to restore and protect the natural beauty of wooden furniture. But there’s nothing natural or beautiful about filling your home with—and exposing your loved ones to—harmful chemicals like the dioxane, formaldehyde and petrochemicals found in many leading furniture polishes.

Consider replacing those chemical cocktails with a natural, ph-balanced polish like Earth Friendly Furniture Polish. Made with fresh and fragrant olive and orange oils (are you noticing a citrus theme here?), this specially formulated polish helps loosen and gently remove dirt, fingerprints and smudges from your furniture, paneling and more.

Say so-long to streaks
Add a little sparkle to your home (and life!) with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Window Spray. Unlike many of the glass cleaners you’ll find at your local grocery store, this all-natural solution doesn’t contain tons of toxic ingredients, like ammonium hydroxide, isopropanol and monoethanolamine.

The safe and effective spray, courtesy of Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer (an actual person, by the way!) helps ensure windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces in and around your home are shiny and streak free. Perhaps best of all, the product has a soothing lavender fragrance so you’ll enjoy a little aromatherapy as you clean!