5 Reasons You Need a Workout Partner

by | Updated: December 4th, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

Do you always go at it alone? Some people prefer to use their workout as “me” time, so they fly solo to the gym. But exercising by yourself, even if you’re used to it, can become boring. If you have fallen into a workout slump, grab an active buddy who will bring the extra boost you need. In addition to motivating you, partnering up has a few other perks you may not have considered.

5 Reasons You Need a Workout Partner
Make sure you’re both well fueled for your workout with an energizing snack.

If you’re on the fence about whether you really need a gym buddy or not, these five reasons may change your mind:

It’s a good time

Having another workout warrior by your side can bring a lot more fun to your routine. And when exercise is fun, you look forward to that precious time. You’ll feed off of each other’s energy, and the time will fly by. Plus, it’s nice to have someone who can encourage you, laugh with you and motivate you to squeeze in one last rep. Speaking of which…

You’ll work harder

When you exercise like a loner, you’re not as likely to push yourself to the next level. You may get quite comfortable just staying where you are, or perhaps you don’t realize you can actually do more. In fact, working out with someone else has proven to help people burn an average of 41 more calories. So choose a workout buddy who is a little more advanced than you are. That way you have to work harder to keep up, and you’ll probably learn a few new techniques or exercises that can really enhance your fitness.

It will feel like social hour – but with a calorie burn

If you have a good friend you meet for happy hour, suggest you take the socializing to the gym. Meeting your workout buddy (or buddies!) for a fat-burning session instead of diet-crushing cocktails will leave you feeling great! You’ll still be chatting it up, laughing and having fun. After your workout, plan for a healthy happy hour with protein shakes. It’s a much better way to sip and socialize.

You can’t cancel

A trainer is one thing, but you can’t cancel on your friend. If you skip a session with a trainer, it’s money lost. But with a friend, the consequences are harder to swallow. You’ll be less likely to talk yourself out of going to the gym when you know your friend is counting on you to get them through their workout. No excuses allowed! Just make sure you find a partner who you can count on, as well. The buddy system will keep you both accountable!

You’ll kiss that comfort zone goodbye

When you have someone standing next to you, it makes it easier to try a new workout class, like Pilates. You may also feel less intimidated to step into the weight room and try new equipment, because a workout buddy will give you more confidence from the get-go. And if you make a mistake, who cares? You can laugh about it together!