Bach Original Flower Remedies

Developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a physician and homeopath, Bach® Original Flower Remedies are a holistic system of 38 flower essence tinctures, each corresponding to a different emotion or mood. The ingestible liquid remedies work by helping neutralize negative feelings, returning them to positive, and stimulating a self-healing approach. Trusted worldwide since 1936, Bach® is the only brand endorsed with Dr. Bach’s signature, and products are still made using his same methods, hand-picking plants & flowers from his original sites and gardens. From the flowers in the earth to the bottles on the shelf, everything that goes into a Bach® Original Flower Remedy is exactly as nature intended, simple in their preparation and gentle in their actions.* All remedies made in England with just 3 ingredients (flower essence, water, and grape alcohol), with vegan, plant-based natural active ingredients, and are free from artificial sweeteners/flavors, synthetic dyes, and gluten. Discover more at