Switching to a Shampoo Bar? Give These Top-Rated Bars a Try!

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by | Updated: March 13th, 2023 | Read time: 4 minutes

As we move toward a more Earth friendly approach to living, shampoo bars have made their way into many households in an attempt to eliminate single-use plastics. Not only do shampoo bars take up less space in your shower than traditional shampoo bottles, but they’re also often healthier and overall better for your hair than most shampoos. Here are a few pros and cons of using shampoo bars, how to use a shampoo bar and the best shampoo bars to try from Vitacost.

A Salmon-Colored Bar of Soap Sits With a Wooden Comb and Brush Next to Lush Red Hair Against a Blue Backdrop, Representing the Best Shampoo Bars to Try.

Pros and Cons of Shampoo Bars


They’re eco-friendly.

Shampoo bars usually come in eco-friendly packaging that will take up much less space in your recycling bin than a traditional plastic shampoo bottle. There’s also less water consumption since it comes in a solid state rather than a liquid one.

Shampoo bars are multipurpose and travel-friendly.

Shampoo bars are small and compact, meaning you can easily throw them into a gym bag or into your carry on whenever you travel. Many shampoo bars are also suitable for your body, so you only have to worry about packing one shampoo bar instead of packing both shampoo and body wash.

They’re better for you.

Not only are shampoo bars better for the environment, they’re also better for you! Shampoo bars contain fewer and more concentrated ingredients that are gentle and suitable for most hair types.


Shampooing with a bar is slightly more time-consuming.

Since shampoo bars are solid, it takes a bit more time to work up a lather than your regular liquid shampoo. This means you need to set aside a few extra minutes for your haircare routine to ensure a thorough cleanse.

It requires an adjustment.

As most people are accustomed to liquid shampoo, making the switch to shampoo bars will require an adjustment. However, while washing your hair with a bar might feel odd at first, you can rest easy knowing that the extra time you’re spending washing your hair has made a good impact on the environment by eliminating more single-use plastic shampoo bottles.

How to Use a Shampoo Bar Effectively

Thoroughly wet your hair, then run the shampoo bar under the water to make it sudsy. Apply the shampoo bar directly to your scalp, slowly working your way down through your hair from root to tips, ensuring you cover as many strands as possible. Massage it throughout with your fingers.

Rinse your hair and follow with a conditioner or conditioning treatment to help with softness and moisture.

Shampoo bars generally work best when applied on really wet hair, and make sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards as well! Here are 5 of the best shampoo bars you can purchase on Vitacost.

Best Shampoo Bars to Try from Vitacost

HiBar Soothe Shampoo Bar

HiBar Soothe Shampoo Bar

This solid shampoo from HiBar would make a great gift for yourself or anyone who hasn’t tried shampoo bars before. Its soothing formula is designed not only to clean your hair but also to moisturize and soothe your scalp with a special blend of kukui nut oil and white willow bark extract. HiBar products are vegan, sulfate- and paraben-free and 100% safe for colored hair.

Brixy Shampoo Bar – Citrus

Brixy Shampoo Bar - CitrusThe Citrus Brixy Shampoo Bar is formulated to balance and hydrate your hair and is suitable for all hair types. Made with coconut oil and argan oil, this shampoo bar helps cleanse, soften and hydrate your hair while giving you a plastic-free hair washing experience. It’s also cruelty-free and free of synthetic scents or colorants. Your hair will smell like fresh grapefruits after using this, and the best part is – the scent is all natural!

Badger Shampoo Bar

Badger Shampoo BarThis 3-ounce shampoo bar from Badger is a two-in-one concentrated shampoo and conditioning bar that lasts as long as a 12-ounce shampoo bottle. Suitable for both your hair and body, it’s made with organic ingredients and formulated with jojoba and baobab oils. It’s a low-lather, plant-based, multipurpose cleanser, which makes it a great option for a frequent traveler or athlete.

Acure Shampoo Bar – Coconut & Argan

Acure Shampoo Bar Coconut & ArganLike the aforementioned shampoo bar, the Acure Coconut and Argan Shampoo Bar is suitable for both your hair and body. Vegan and cruelty-free, this shampoo bar is formulated with ingredients like coconut oil and acai fruit extract. In addition to using it on your hair, you can also use it as a moisturizing hand soap or body bar.

Tierra Mia Organics Shampoo Bar Lime in Coconut

Tierra Mia Organics Shampoo Bar Lime in CoconutThis shampoo bar has one of the shortest, no-nonsense ingredients lists I’ve ever seen, which is a great thing! The Tierra Mia Organics Shampoo Bar is made with organic oils, natural proteins and 100% unpasteurized raw goat milk to moisturize your scalp, normalize its pH balance and help control fizzy and curly hair. This is beneficial for sensitive, dry, and oily scalps, and it also helps calm eczema, dandruff and split ends.