Antioxidants, Anyone? Why You Should Eat Black Cherries

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

When I was growing up, my favorite soda was black cherry. I loved the sweet and tart taste. As an adult, I try to stay away from sugary sodas, but I discovered the many health benefits of drinking black cherry juice.

the health benefits of black cherries

Whether you enjoy them as a juice, fresh from the market or as a supplement, black cherries are brimming with essential vitamins (A, C and E) and minerals (calcium and iron).  These powerful nutrients work together and may support normal vision, bone, immune and cardio health; as well as support healthy skin, circulation and weight management.

Black cherries are considered one of the top 10 antioxidant fruits. They are believed to contain 17 antioxidants, the most well-known being anthocyanins, melatonin, queritrin and isoqueritrin.

Anthocyanins are the natural pigments responsible for the deep, rich coloring of black cherries. These potent antioxidants may support healthy circulation, immune response, inflammatory response and healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range. Best known for its possible role in supporting a healthy sleep-wake cycle, melatonin contains powerful antioxidant properties that can support healthy cognitive function and protect DNA found in the mitochondria (the energy source of cells).

Queritrin is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered. It may support healthy immune function and healthy inflammatory response.

So for all these reasons–plus the tart and sweet taste–make sure you enjoy your black cherries. They are the cherry on top of a healthy eating plan!