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Overhead View of Green Juice Surrounded by Cucumber and Lime Slices to Represent Spring Detox Trends |

Spring Detox Trends: What’s Worth Trying - and What You Should Avoid

Spring is here, and along with cleaning our homes, we tend to look for programs or diets that will help to cleanse our bodies, too. With that comes a slew of “special” programs and cleanses that are meant to promote detoxification. With so many options available, who’s to know what’s safe and effective?

To put it simply, steer clear of any detox trends that deprive your body of what it needs to thrive. Instead, stick to natural, healing foods and herbs to keep the body in balance.

Here’s a breakdown of some trends to try, and others to skip this spring.

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July 3rd, 2012
July 3rd, 2012