Matcha-Chocolate Protein Dessert Cups

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Is green tea powder matcha-do about nothing? Actually, this nutrient-dense treasure has been turned into a variety of elixirs, including tasty teas, lattes, ades and smoothies. Unfortunately, not everyone is envious of green juices. If you’d rather eat your greens than drink them, this matcha-chocolate protein dessert will fit right on your plate. Sandwiched between two hefty layers of rich, dark chocolate is a nutritious mix of matcha, plant-based protein powder and coconut sugar. With that kind of fuel, you’ll be energized to do just about anything.

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Vegan * Soy free


1 tsp. matcha green tea
5 Tbsp. Aria Women’s Wellness Protein Vegan Protein in Vanilla
3 Tbsp. coconut sugar, blended into a finer powder
1/2 cup coconut butter, softened but not melted
1 cup dark chocolate chips
1 tsp. coconut oil

Topping (optional): sea salt


  1. Fill 8-10 wells of a muffin pan with paper liners and set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, stir together matcha, protein powder and coconut sugar. Place in refrigerator for up to 15 minutes.
  3. Fill a small pot about 1/3 up with water and bring to a boil. Place a glass bowl over top to create a double boiler.
  4. Add chocolate chips to bowl and stir frequently until chocolate is completely melted.
  5. Add coconut oil and stir to fully incorporate.
  6. Spoon chocolate mixture into prepared muffin cups, filling about halfway. (There should be plenty of chocolate remaining.)
  7. Remove matcha from fridge and form mixture into balls. Place each ball on top of chocolate.
  8. Pour remaining chocolate over balls until well coated and muffin cups are full.
  9. Place muffin pan in fridge and let set 10 minutes. Sprinkle sea salt and more matcha green tea powder over top each cup and return pan to fridge until firm.