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Big Bowl of Fennel Salad with Diced Red & Green Apples on Placemat #recipe | Vitacost.com/blog August 28th, 2017

Fennel & Apple Salad

Ditch the boring bowl of leafy greens, already! And replace it with this fennel salad. It’s a vibrant, refreshing substitute with diced apples and a tangy vinaigrette. So…lunch tomorrow?

Easy Chocolate Mousse Recipe in White Ramekin with Strawberries | Vitacost.com/blog March 14th, 2017

Easy Chocolate Protein Mousse

This easy chocolate protein mousse is why you shouldn’t skip precious me-time minutes whenever they pop up. Guaranteed: you’ll be a better person when you pause to make this single-serving dessert.

December 3rd, 2016

Salmon Crackers

Skip the boring cheese and crackers! These simple-to-make appetizers will make a splash at your next summer party (while also giving guests a heaping helping of healthy omega-3s). Just combine canned salmon, cream cheese and chili pepper and serve aRead More…