Red-Haired Woman Enjoying Healing Words of Poetry Curled Up With Blanket on Chair | Vitacost.com/blog February 8th, 2019

How Poetry Can Heal

For despair, love, heartbreak, joy, isolation and other wounds, there’s nothing quite like a poem. Poetry can be great medicine. How exactly does it heal? Here are five ways the power of words nourishes well-being.

Brokenhearted Woman On Cold Day Holding Ripped Heart-Shaped Paper | Vitacost.com/Blog February 24th, 2017

How Yoga Can Mend a Broken Heart

Is a break-up making you feel angry, sad or lonely? A centering yoga practice can remind you all is not lost—especially the chance to find love again. Learn how to mend a wounded heart with 3 unique yoga series.