Thirtysomething Survival Kit

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 1 minute

Stress, wrinkles, sluggish digestion – does it seem like the minute you hit your 30s, the world turned against you? Things may not be as firm or flawless as they were when you were 22, but there are plenty of ways to subdue the signs of aging. Check out our suggestions for assembling your very own “thirtysomething survival kit”:

Stress relief: Grumpy bosses, unhelpful husbands, screaming kids – does the stress ever end? When life gives you lemons… try taking lemon balm extract! This product is often used in conjunction with chamomile, valerian root and other herbs for calming and relaxing purposes.

Anti-aging: Gravity is beginning to take a toll on your once-flawless skin – so much so that the 16-year-old supermarket cashier no longer asks for your I.D. when you’re picking up a bottle of pinot noir. Don’t frown (no, really, that’ll just make those lines worse!) – instead, try a peptide serum to smooth fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Health support: You used to be able to scarf down a three-course meal with minimal consequences. But if your digestion has been thrown off track, look for a product that contains bromelain – this enzyme assists in the breakdown of proteins. Also – if your busy schedule leaves little time for a perfect diet, consider taking a multi-vitamin to help fill in the nutritional gaps.