Travel Healthy: Step Up Your Hotel Workouts

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 2 minutes

Being away from home is no excuse to not work hard. In fact, to see results in fitness, you HAVE to step out of your comfort zone! And there’s no better test of your strength and willpower than finding ways to exercise while traveling. Get ready to get stepping, because my hotel workout guide is no walk through Central Park.

How to Ramp Up Your Hotel Room Workouts
Use what’s around you to create an effective hotel workout, or bring your own travel-friendly tools.


Step 1: Pack a punch. Bring lightweight, easy-to-pack tools with you, including a jump rope, resistance bands or a suspension cable that can securely attach to a door frame.

Step 2: Make time. Even if you’re traveling for work, bouncing from one meeting to the next, I know you can carve out a small amount of downtime. It only takes 30 minutes to complete a kick-butt workout. If you MUST order room service, commit yourself to exercising while you wait. You can head down to the hotel gym or create a routine in the privacy of your room.

Step 3: Be creative.  To complete a solid workout in cramped spaces, you’ll need to be creative with the tools around you. Use a bench, chair or ottoman to perform triceps dips. Core exercises can be done from the floor or a secure tabletop, and you can incorporate cardio by performing jumping jacks, mountain climbers or jump squats. For optimum intensity, you can follow the JNL Fusion workout method, which can be done in a small space and focuses primarily on body-weight exercises.

Step 4: Buddy up. Ask the people you’re traveling with to join you for an outdoor run, a trip to the gym or a swim/water aerobics session in the hotel pool. This is a great way to get to know your colleagues and get fit at the same time!

As you can see, there are no excuses! So  whatever workout you choose while traveling, be sure to make it fun!