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Taking a Trip? 6 Best Herbs for Travel, According to a Naturopathic Doctor

As exhilarating as the thought of escaping to a fresh place may be, a variety of health issues can arise when you travel. Stress from airport security lines, exposure to new germs, jet lag, sleep disturbances and the mood swings that arrive with them, dietary changes and the digestive issues that might result from them, alterations in your normal regime—all can wreak havoc on your wellness.

While it’s thoroughly possible to stay healthy on vacation—by nourishing yourself wisely while you’re away, refraining from over-imbibing and weaving movement into your daily excursions—herbal supplements can assist with ensuring your trip is as blissful and well-lived as possible.

With that in mind, here are six herbs to consider tossing into your suitcase.

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