Why Your Honey-Nut Oats Aren’t Enough Anymore

by | Updated: December 3rd, 2016 | Read time: 3 minutes

One can only eat so many bowls of honey-nut cereal. Eventually, you have to find another way to start your day without spiking your blood sugar or worrying about cholesterol content. Yes, bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwiches are off limits. Accept this as fact and move on, because a better-for-you breakfast is just a shake away.

Why This Soy Protein Shake Will Satisfy You

Vitacost Enersed™ Synergy Drink is a soy protein powder that easily mixes into water, juice or milk. What’s really great about meal replacement drink mixes, like Enersed™, is their incredible versatility. Unlike your doctor-ordered cereal Os, this shake mix is a blank canvas for as many flavor creations your mind can dream up.

Speaking of dreams…replace up to three meals a day with Enersed™, and you could discover the fantastically lean body you always wanted. Still not sure if a shake will satisfy you enough? You’re not alone. I do prefer chewing my food over sipping. But after trying this sweet concoction a few different ways, going back to my favorite bowl of oats just didn’t have the same flare.

Here are a few other noteworthy things that tipped the breakfast-food scale in favor of Enersed™:

No GMOs! – This is huge for me. Finding non-GMO soy is as hard as finding an organic apple without any bruises. Let’s just say it ain’t easy.

Vitacost Enersed Synergy Drink Mix

High protein without the cholesterol – Whey protein powders can account for 10% of your day’s cholesterol count. And though plant-based protein rarely has any of the heart-unhealthy stuff, they only provide 15 grams of protein per serving. Meanwhile, Enersed™ is the best of both worlds, offering 27 grams of protein with zero cholesterol! Thank you, kindly.

Because dessert first – The sweetness is not at all a turnoff to me. I love tricking my body into thinking I’m having cake for breakfast. Besides, Enersed™ is sweetened naturally with yummy, gooey honey and the Glycemic Index remains low at 27.

It’s noon already? – My two-hour workouts are an energy-suck in the morning, leaving me feeling carb-deprived for hours. But when I’ve swapped my post-workout egg sandwich for Enersed™, I hold out until lunchtime without nibbling on random junk in my desk drawer. (Race weight, here I come!)

Aminos aplenty – Because I prefer to drink Enersed™ right after a training session, I’m grateful for its thorough amino acid profile. It provides all eight essential aminos, including isoleucine, leucine and valine.

Okay, so it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. There are a few areas that could use improvement:

Dependency issues – Though I sincerely enjoy the taste of soy protein, yogurt and honey all on their own, this nutritious combination in a dry powder form really relies on a few flavor-savers. Cacao powder and cinnamon are my favorite add-ins.

Smooth, but not that smooth – Compared to the top whey protein powders, Enersed™ requires a bit more blending. The consistency is on the stickier side.

If you’re up for an extra arm workout and the satisfaction of feeling full for hours without having to gorge, this soy-yogurt-honey shake mix is worth every non-chewy sip.