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Reishi Mushrooms - Why Are They Beneficial?

reishi mushroom benefits

Reishi Mushrooms - What Are The Benefits?

Relax with Reishi

Are you tired of stressing? Or, worse, tired and stressing? If you’re constantly feeling frazzled and fatigued, your adrenal glands could be to blame. When your adrenal glands have been pushed to the limit, other systems can get thrown for a loop. Get yourself back on the fast-track with a natural herb: the Reishi mushroom or “elixir of life,” as it has been dubbed.

What is a Reishi mushroom?

Reishi is an edible mushroom. And like all mushrooms, it’s a part of the fungi class of plants - those without roots, leaves, seeds or flowers. They also don’t require much sunlight, which leaves them with a dark-brown coloring.

Why is Reishi beneficial?

In Ancient China, they believed Reishi mushrooms enhanced memory and supported happiness, good health and longevity. More current research has concluded Reishi mushrooms offer antioxidant powers, which help the immune system maintain healthy cell production.

How should I use Reishi mushrooms?

Reishi mushrooms have a nice, rich flavor and can be tossed into stir-fries, soups and more. But if you’re not keen on the flavor or texture of mushrooms, opt for a supplement. Find Reishi mushroom extract in vegetarian capsules, tablets or as an herbal liquid.