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Baby Bath and Baby Skin Care

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Don’t you miss baby bath time? We out-grow the rubber ducky and bubble scene too quickly. But when you have a baby of your own, you get to relive these happy moments. Because baby’s bath is prime time for bonding, you want everything to be perfect. Not to worry; you can create lasting memories with these basic bath-time tips:

Test the waters - The temperature should be tepid, not too hot but certainly comfortable. For safe fun, transform still, clear water into cascades of suds with a few capfuls of tear-free, chemical-free bubble bath. Just pour it in as the tub fills and remember to always blow bubbles up and away from baby’s face.

Baby Skin Care & Organic Baby Bath Products

Keep it clean and calm - You want to use gentle baby skin care items, which is why Vitacost carries organic baby bath products including hypoallergenic and fragrance-free baby shampoo and body wash. To soothe baby into a slumber, opt for chamomile-scented baby soap, or massage arms and legs with lavender baby oil post-tub time.

Accessorize accordingly - even babies can graduate from the classic rubber ducky. When they do, look for bath toys that move on their own, make noise or - even better - do both. After all the fun and games, wrap baby in an animal-shaped towel. Then spend some time cuddling with your bundle full of joy - besides, she’s your best accessory.

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