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The Negative Effects of Too Much Sodium in Your Diet

The negative effects of too much sodium might inspire you to put down the salt shaker. But it’s important to note that the mineral itself isn’t evil. Review these benefits, then adjust your consumption accordingly.

Woman Shaking Salt onto Salad to Represent Concept of the Effects of Too Much Sodium on Health |

What is the Nordic Diet? Learn the Benefits, What You’ll Eat and More

The Mediterranean diet isn’t the only diet with a regional flavor and the potential to deliver health benefits. Get to know the Nordic diet, and see if it’s right for you.

Nordic Diet Meal With Healthy Salad, Fresh Berries and Nuts on Blue Surface |

What is Iodine, and Why Do We Need it in Our Diets?

Getting enough iodine in your diet is important for thyroid and brain health – and much more. Review these facts and food source suggestions from natural health expert, Dr. Josh Axe.

Concept of What is Iodine Represented by Assortment of Iodine-Rich Foods on Marble Surface |
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Plant-Based Sweet Potato "Cheescake" Ice Cream Pops Dipped in White Chocolate and Garnished with Edible Flowers on Wire Rack |

Superfood “Cheesecake” Ice Cream Pops

These guilt-free frozen treats are the perfect balance of sweet, refreshing and satisfying! The star ingredient? Sweet potato! Dipped in smooth and creamy white chocolate, these dairy-free, vegan-friendly ice pops are a work of art (especially when garnished with edible flowers).

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