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The 12 Best Energy-Boosting Snacks, According to a Dietitian

Need a pick-me-up? Some snacks provide short-term energy boosts, while others work to nourish you and keep you feeling full until your next meal. Start snacking better with these dietitian tips!

Smiling Woman Eating Energy Boosting Snacks at Kitchen Counter

How to Make Your Own Flour (and Why You Should!)

While it’s easy to find whole grain bread today, there’s a growing trend toward reclaiming the ancient practice of milling flour and baking at home, which offers numerous health advantages.

Bowl of Ground Almond Flour with Scattered Almonds and Blue Checked Towel to Represent How to Make Flour

6 of the Most Common Food Intolerances, Plus 7 Helpful Tips

Eating should be joyful – unless you suspect you have a food intolerance. Learn about the most common intolerances, how they can impact digestion and how digestive enzyme supplements can offer support.†

Woman Taking a Bite Out of Food to Support Her Food Intolerance |
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The Self-Care Space

Relieve stress, sleep better and care for your body from the inside out with self-care tips.

Supplement Spotlight

Orange Red Lentil Falafel Patties Surround a Lemon-Tahini Dipping Sauce on a Table With Fresh Spinach, Hummus to Represent a Red Lentil Recipe |

Baked Red Lentil Falafel With Lemon-Herb Tahini Dipping Sauce

Ditch the deep fryer and give chickpeas a day off for these brightly colored and brightly spiced gluten-free red lentil falafel patties. Cumin, paprika, garlic, lemon and fresh herbs mingle in a mash of red lentils, carrots, onions and almond flour. Patties are formed and baked on high heat, resulting in robust flavors, gratifying textures and gorgeous orange falafels. Drizzle with fresh lemon-herb tahini and serve over salad, roasted veggies or as part of a Middle Eastern meal.

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