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Why is Protein Important? Refresh Your Knowledge With This Guide.

Most people know that protein is an important part of a healthy diet. But why? What are its functions in the body, and what’s the right amount to consume? Review the basics in this guide.

The Nutritarian Diet: How to Achieve Longevity & Healthy Weight

Could Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Nutritarian diet be the key to achieving longevity and healthy weight? Discover the powerful benefits, which includes lessening the desire to overeat, and so much more.

Woman Consuming Bowl of Leafy Greens and Fresh Vegetables with a Side of Fresh Coconut Water |

Spring Tea Guide: Some of the Best Sips for the Season

Healers throughout history have used teas, tisanes and other botanical infusions to support health, often seasonally targeted. In the spirit of that wise tradition, here are some spring teas to refresh and renew you!

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The Self-Care Space

Relieve stress, sleep better and care for your body from the inside out with self care tips.

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Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl With Chickpeas & Kale in Bowl With Black Sesame Seeds |

Chickpea & Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl with Kale

Healthful and infinitely adaptable, grain bowls, or Buddha bowls, always satisfy with their layered approach to plant-based eating. This bountiful bowl results from several easy steps that add up to a deliciously fulfilling meal. Sesame-roasted sweet potato combines with stir-fried chickpeas, quinoa and oven-baked kale. The crunch of black sesame seeds sprinkled liberally on top makes the perfect finishing touch. You’ll find yourself eating it mindfully, savoring every morsel offered.

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