Minako Umehara

Minako is a health-conscious recipe creator, food stylist and photographer and food instructor. She has lived in eight cities across three countries since 2003. Despite the varying environments around her, her realization that the experience and emotions connected to food are universal led to her desire to connect with people through food. While living in Melbourne, she picked up vegan cooking. She now spends time creating innovative vegan recipes and running cooking classes. Check out more of Minako's gorgeous creations on Instagram - @365cleaneats.

Dessert Bars: Matcha Chocolate on Serving Platter Next to Match Tea in Mug March 17th, 2023
Mini Bundt Cakes are Garnished With a Drippy Glaze, Sugared Cranberries and Christmas Tree Twigs, Representing a Recipe for Mini Bundt Cakes. December 15th, 2022
White Bean Brownie Tart With Pecans on Top on Serving Platter November 3rd, 2022