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Diapering Your Baby - Diaper Cream To Baby Wipes

From the time baby's born until around her third birthday, you'll have purchased: one crib, two different car seats, six full wardrobes, a dozen or so pairs of shoes and-are you sitting down?-6,000 diapers. Yep, you read that right. Before she's potty trained, it's estimated that your little bundle of joy will go through somewhere between six and ten thousand diapers.

We won't get into how many tubs of baby wipes, tubes of diaper creams and bottles of baby powder you're going to need.

But… we will tell you this: You've come to the right place for diapering supplies. It doesn't take a mathematician to figure out that covering a baby's bottom for three years is going to cost you. But with Vitacost's everyday low prices on diapering essentials, keeping her clean and dry is simple-and you won't have to put off starting that college savings account.

Diaper ointments

From tried-and-true brands such as Huggies, to eco-friendly favorites such as Earth's Best and Seventh Generation, you'll find diapers in every size, absorbency and style-including training pants and swim diapers. Stock up on baby wipes, diaper creams and diaper ointments while you're here, too. We've got gentle, all-natural solutions that get the job done without irritating sensitive skin.

Whether you're new to diapering duty or steps away from the Potty Dance, count on Vitacost to keep tiny tushes cushioned-and your wallet a little better padded, too.

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