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Feeding Time

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Feeding Baby

Whether you're trying to get a newborn to breastfeed or a toddler to self-feed, it's not always easy to get your little one the nutrition he or she needs. Between spit-up and picky palates, babies can be tough customers.

Here are some tips for making meal time a happy time:

Breastfeeding tips

  • If baby doesn't latch on right away, don't give up! In the hospital, seek help from the lactation consultant
  • Protect the sensitive skin on your breasts with nipple cream before and after nursing sessions
  • Never leave the house without nursing pads-leakage is common and normal in the beginning
  • If you're worried about milk supply, drink a tea with fenugreek such as Milkmaid Tea

Bottlefeeding help

  • Go for a BPA-free bottle for baby's safety
  • If you're bottle-feeding to supplement nursing, choose a nipple that's shaped like yours
  • Gassy baby? Try Dr. Brown's bottles, which have a unique, vacuum-free design
  • Choosing a formula isn't as easy as it might seem. If your baby doesn't like the first brand you try, keep trying until you find the right match

Food fun

  • Wait until your pediatrician gives you the OK to start solids-usually at the 4 or 6 month check-up
  • Use baby-friendly, soft-tip spoons (and buy a lot of them!)
  • Prevent messes by putting finger foods in a snack catcher
  • Make your own fresh, pureed baby food-or buy organic, non-GMO varieties
  • Use a fresh food feeder to make fruits and vegetables safe for little ones to eat, even before they have teeth!
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Feeding A Baby - Bottle Feeding - Nursing Supplies

It's their pudgy little arms reaching out, their lips opening ever so slightly, a subtle whimper or an all-out, red-in-the-face cry. Whatever the sign, you know when your baby is hungry. Forget that it's 3 a.m. and you're finally fast asleep, you've got to be ready for baby feeding time. Before you turn that spoon into an airplane or rocket ship, make sure you're fully stocked and all systems are go. Though Vitacost's nursing supplies and feeding essentials can't wipe the dark circles from your eyes, they can at least make it easier to fly through mealtime.

Get ready for takeoff

Prepare for feeding time by pre-mixing baby formula or using a food mill to puree fresh food from fruits and veggies. You can store breast milk or formula in any one of our BPA-free baby bottles. If you're away from home, tote pureed baby food and other snacks in sealable food containers with unique ice pack pockets that keep everything fresh. Green Sprouts makes a convenient collapsible storage bowl for easy travel.

Come in for the landing

Need a pack of plane-worthy, baby-approved spoons? Vitacost has you covered with a colorful array of soft-tip scoopers. We also have sectional plates and chemical-free cereal bowls. If you're breastfeeding, organic cotton nursing pads may come in handy. And for bottle feeding, find a fast, safe and effective electric warmer at an everyday low price.

Clear the cabin

Feeding a baby can look something like a mud-slinging contest. Luckily, carries baby wipes - unscented and free of alcohol for gentle cleansing on baby's delicate skin. To keep bottles clean, use a bottle brush or shop our selection of liners for a fresh feeding each time.

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