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Formula & Baby Food

Baby Feeding Time

Is your baby ready for solid foods?

Here comes the airplane! Adding solid foods to your baby's diet is a big milestone - but how can you tell if he's ready? Here are a few signs to look for:

Here are some tips for making meal time a happy time:

  1. Eyes on the prize: Is your baby intently eyeing (or reaching for) your snack, or fixated on what everyone's having for dinner? If so, he or she may be interested in trying new foods.
  2. Tongue-thrust: Itty bitty babies are born with a tongue reflex that prevents them from choking on foreign objects. This response typically diminishes between four and six months, making it easier for baby to eat spoon-fed solids.
  3. Heads up: If your angel can sit upright and hold his head up by himself, he's in a prime position to enjoy solid foods.
  4. No more, Mom: Does your baby turn away from the breast or bottle when she's full? If so, it's a good sign that she's ready to decide how much food she needs on her own.
  5. Extra tip: If food allergies or sensitivities run in your family, consult your pediatrician before starting a solid food routine.
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Baby Cereal, Formula and Food

Baby Formula, Food & Snacks

You’re consumed with keeping your pride and joy the picture of perfection. But do you know what she should be consuming…and when? This cheat sheet will help guide you through baby’s first year.

Newborn - 4 months: Breast Milk or Baby Formula

At this age, breast milk or baby formula is the best source of nutrition. Formula users have a variety to choose from, including organic dairy-based and organic soy formulas, plus those fortified with iron and some that are naturally flavored. No matter your preference, help baby pace herself by taking breaks and watching for signs of fullness.

4 months - 1 year: Solid Foods

Many parents introduce their babies to solid foods between four and six months. If your little one has specific dietary needs, it can be hard to find nutrient-rich and allergen-free baby food. Let Vitacost relieve some of the burden with its gluten-free baby food selection, featuring fruit and veggie purees and brown rice baby cereal.

When baby begins picking things up with her hands, it’s a good time to add finger foods. Vitacost offers many organic baby snacks like Healthy Times Premium Organic Biscuits that are great for teething tots and are soy, wheat and dairy free. Keep a stash of baby snacks in your diaper bag, in the car and at the grandparents’ house for easy eating on the go.

In the beginning, you’ll be waking up every few hours for a feeding, which may not be your idea of a good-night’s sleep. But when you shop Vitacost’s great deals on nutritious organic baby food and baby formula, you can rest easy knowing baby is getting what’s best for her.

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