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Babies make messes - it's just a fact of life. But are the cleaning products you use to eradicate those stains and spills actually safe for your little one? Here are three reasons to make the switch to natural household cleaners:

  1. Scary warnings: Does your cleaning spray have a skull-and-crossbones logo? Or a toll-free hotline to call in case your child is exposed to the chemical ingredients? No thanks. In contrast, the label of BabyGanics The Cleaner Upper™ Toy & Highchair Cleaner reads: BabyGanics isn't meant to be consumed but things happen, so relax - it's not poisonous.
  2. Icky residue: That spilled apple juice will certainly leave a sticky residue on the floor - but the cleaning solution you use to make it sparkle might leave behind something more dangerous. Chemical residues can make their way onto your baby's skin, onto her toys and into her mouth. Instead, stick with something natural, such as Aussan Natural Floor Cleaner Concentrate.
  3. Itchy ingredients: Your laundry soap smells like a fresh meadow - but the scent probably comes from a mixture of mysterious chemicals labeled as "fragrance." Because babies have sensitive skin that can easily be irritated by harsh chemicals, it's best to stick to a natural product, such as Earth Friendly Products Baby Ecos Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent.
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Once upon a time, you didn't have to unlatch plastic contraptions to open cabinets and drawers. Statues sat on low shelves in the living room. Rubber bumpers didn't cap coffee table corners-so when you whacked your knee getting up from the couch, it hurt.

Today? It's a different story. Now that baby's here, your home isn't just "baby friendly," it's a Safety Super Zone. Not only is it impossible for even the most accident-prone visitors, big or small, to bump, scratch or scrape themselves, every surface they touch or sit on is pristine and germ free. The mere air they breathe is… cleaner.

Toxin Free baby Products

And you, diligent Moms and Dads, should be proud! All that stashing and sterilizing is hard work, but creating a healthy environment for baby is well worth the effort. We're such big believers in this, in fact, that we've rounded up all the best toxin-free baby products and eco-friendly baby products you need-and offer them at prices you can afford-to make cleaning and caring for your family safer, and simpler.

Allergen Free Baby Products

Harsh chemicals have no place in baby care products. And the 5-second rule? That myth was debunked. So when feeding spoons and sippy cups are hurled to the floor, wash them clean with all-natural dish soap from Dapple or Seventh Generation. Spilled strained peas on the onesie? Get rid of spots with allergen-free baby products such as Stain Stain Go Away from Babyganics.

Thanks to Vitacost's selection of gentle, yet effective, cleaning and baby care products, your honorable safety mission is sure to be a success. Oh, how we love happy endings!

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