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"Be prepared" might be the motto of the Boy Scouts, but these are words to live by for every mom (and dad) with a baby or toddler in the house, too.

Here's how to stock your little one's medicine cabinet for every ache, ouch and case of the "ickies" life might throw your way:

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From Baby Vitamins To Cold Relief

When you have children, sneezes, snotty noses and upset stomachs are almost inevitable. And unfortunately, sometimes a kiss isn't enough to make the "ouchies" go away. That’s why every mom and dad should be prepared, by stocking the medicine cabinet with remedies that are safe for babies, toddlers and small children.

For sniffles, sneezes and stuffy noses, be sure to have baby cold medicine, homeopathic cough syrup and baby decongestant on hand, as well as a nasal aspirator and thermometer. At, you'll find plenty of cold relief products that were specially formulated for tiny bodies.

Did your pediatrician recommend infant vitamins? In addition to over-the-counter and homeopathic cold products, you'll also find a wide selection of baby vitamins and supplements at - including vitamin D drops, DHA and probiotics.

Because tummy upset and gas are common among infants, stocking up on stomach remedies is a good idea. Other medicine cabinet essentials to add to your baby checklist include rash ointment, soothing lotion and ear drops.

When it comes to babies, being prepared is important. But remember to ALWAYS consult with your pediatrician before giving your baby any medicine, vitamins or supplements.

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