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Vitacoco Coconut Water Unflavored
Retail price: $1.99
Vitacost price: $1.69

Pronatura Kombucha Tea
Retail price: $26.50
Vitacost price: $16.39
Greens First Superfood Gluten Free
Retail price: $44.99
Vitacost price: $40.49
Equal Exchange Organic Hot Cocoa Chocolate
Retail price: $9.19
Vitacost price: $7.58

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Tazo Organic Green & Black Tea Peachy Green
Retail price: $5.69
Vitacost price: $4.19
Tazo Organic Iced Black Tea
Retail price: $1.79
Vitacost price: $1.61
Yogi Tea
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Healthy Beverages

Health Drinks

Thirsty? Those sugary beverages in the break room vending machine may quench your thirst, but they certainly won’t do a body good.

Don’t drink empty calories! Instead, be prepared by stocking up on health drinks at With our beverages and drink mixes, you can get a dose of important vitamins and other nutrients while still satisfying your thirst for something delicious.

Low-Calorie and Organic Drinks & Other Health Beverages

Whether you’re looking for a low-calorie drink to suit your diet, or organic drinks to serve the whole family, we’ve got your thirst needs covered.

From refreshing organic fruit juice to Fair Trade CertifiedTM hot cocoa and everything in between, has the healthy drinks you need to quench your thirst any time of day!

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