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Celebrity Diet Secrets

Celebrity Diet Secrets

Ever wonder how Hollywood A-listers are always red-carpet-ready-or how movie star mamas are back in their super-skinny jeans before their babies are even old enough to smile?

Here are the stay-skinny secrets of Hollywood’s hottest stars, according to their trainers:

Never forget breakfast: Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini and Penelope Cruz start the day with a boost to their metabolism-opting for egg whites, oatmeal and fruit.

Avoid "white" carbs: Cameron Diaz eschews white pasta, rice, cookies and bread.

Spice girls: Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler douse their foods with red pepper flakes, chopped jalepenos and hot sauce to reduce hunger pangs.

Numbers game: If you think calories don’t count, you haven’t talked to Jessica Alba or Halle Berry, who lost their postpartum pounds by eating 1700 calories a day-following a diet devoid of refined sugars, sauces and sodium.

Water, water everywhere: 1 liter a day is what celebrity diets expert Ramona Braganza recommends.

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