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Organic Coffee and Herbal Tea

Java, go juice, mud, cup o’ Joe-whatever you call it, coffee is a good friend that takes the grumpy out of early mornings and brings zing back to sluggish days. Next to water, it’s the most popular drink on the planet. Whether it’s organic coffee in your mug or a decaf-mocha-half-soy latte to go, you’re sipping one of 2.25 billion cups that will be consumed around the world-just today!

If you have coffee-shop taste, but a home-brewer’s budget, Vitacost is the place to get the best beans for your buck. From rainforest-friendly organic coffee to exquisitely flavored herbal coffee blends, our selection covers even the choosiest coffee connoisseur’s tastes-while making that three-cup-a-day habit a little easier on your wallet.

The daily grind not your thing? Not a problem. Relax and unwind with some soothing herbal tea from top name brands such as Yogi, Tazo, Twinings, Celestial Seasonings and many more. Tea drinkers can choose from pre-bagged or loose-leaf herbal tea favorites, and even pick up a teapot to brew the perfect cup!

Why wait in long lines at the supermarket to buy overpriced, inferior options, when you can get the best in organic coffee, herbal coffee and herbal tea right here, today, at That cup of comfort is just a click away.

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