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Race Day Tips for the Triathlete:

  • Pack everything you need well in advance. Once the morning of the race arrives, your nerves will take over and you will forget something.
  • Approach the event as three separate sports - once one portion is over, you cannot go back and re-do. Focus on what comes next.
  • Prepare to change your plan throughout the day because it will not go exactly as you thought.
  • Do not focus on what others are doing. Focus on your race.
  • Throughout the race, be sure to smile. Especially at the finish line!
  • Don’t forget to thank all the volunteers and spectators. You will feed off their energy and go farther than you thought imaginable.
  • Celebrate with and thank your family and friends for their support. You did not get to that finish line on your own.
  • Recovery begins as soon as you cross the finish line. Enjoy your accomplishment and don't rush into the next event or training.
  • Write a race report while it is still fresh in your mind. Not only will you be able to relive your triumphs, you’ll also find out how you can improve for the next race!
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Endurance Training and Strength Training - Triathlon

You can take hits like a UFC fighter, while swimming in open water with waves and rip currents. You can change a flat bike tire in minutes with tools you carry in your back pocket. You have scars from falling when you couldn't clip out in time. You run six miles on an easy day, just to clear your head. You're a triathlete.

Your family, friends and co-workers think you're crazy - and maybe you are. But triathlon is your sport. You're addicted and can't stop at the sprint triathlon. No, you need to be a full-distance triathlete. (Not to mention, a commemorative tattoo would look great on your left calf.) Full-distance triathlon training requires hours of dedication, which mean nothing without proper nutrition and supplementation.

To finish your first, second or tenth triathlon, fuel your endurance with Vitacost Glucosamine & Chondroitin, GU Energy gels, First Endurance sports drink mix, PowerBar® ProteinPlus™ bars and more of your favorites. offers endurance & training-specific nutrition at prices that can't be beat. Finally, Tri gear you can afford!

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