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Diet Foods

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Snack Your Way Slim

It would be safe to say you're probably a snacker. Over half of American adults admit to snacking two to three times each day. The good news is those who snack frequently are most likely to have the healthiest diets. Keep in mind, eating more often doesn't necessarily mean eating more. The idea is to keep your metabolism revving by consuming "mini meals" every few hours.

Your mini meals should be satisfying, easy to eat and - most importantly - nutritious. Here are 3 ways to keep your snacking healthy:

Drink up. Sometimes our bodies mistake thirst for hunger. Before grabbing a snack, drink a glass of water. If you’re still feeling hungry 10 minutes later, grab a small snack to feed your growling tummy.

Pack it in. Vending machines are full of processed, sugar-coated options. Instead, pack good-for-you snacks and carry them with you to work, school or when running errands. Baby carrots and hummus, almond butter and apple slices or just a handful of nuts are your best picks to pack.

Measure it out. Overeating is easy when you're grabbing straight from the family-sized chip bag. Be mindful of your portions by measuring out one serving of your favorite healthy snack before chowing down.

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Healthy Diet Foods

Are you working your butt off in the gym but your butt won't budge? Months spent climbing the mechanical staircase and moving dumbbells in all directions hasn't paid off and your motivation is waning. Change your focus. What’s really holding you back from hitting your target number on the scale is your lack of healthy eating.

Diet Snacks

Nutrition is just as important as exercise. But if you're afraid of the "d" word and diet foods aren't your thing, let Vitacost change your mind. At, you'll find delicious, chocolate-doused granola, sweet dried fruit "chips" and even low-fat, all-natural jerky. That means you can eat healthy diet foods and actually enjoy them!

Because healthy foods to eat can be hard to come by when you're always on the run, offers convenient grab-and-go diet snacks. Protein-rich nuts and seeds are featured in a variety of mixes, including Best of All Unsulphured Cape Cod Cranberry. Snacks like these will fill you up without filling you out.

But as your waistline shrinks, your wallet never will with Vitacost's everyday low prices. Plus, at, you'll never have to worry about finding good foods to eat that support your new and improved nutrition plan. See, change isn't so bad.

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