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The health benefits of whole grain are probably, well, ingrained in you by now. But are you getting bored with the old brown rice and chicken stand-by? Before your taste buds burn with boredom, vow to give other grains and rice a go. You may be surprised by the options.

One alternative is couscous. It’s an easy substitute for brown rice, has a nice nutty flavor and cooks up in just 15 minutes. Add a splash of color to stuffed mushrooms with red quinoa, rich in B vitamins and filling fiber. When you shop, you’ll find a variety of organic whole grain options, including couscous, quinoa, jasmine rice, amaranth and more!

If you begin to miss your tried-and-true brown rice, don’t fret. You can still get your fix of whole grain rice, or try something new such as brown rice pasta. Yep, pasta can be made from rice – and it’s actually a perfect pair. Brown rice pasta is gluten-free, cooks just like regular pasta and comes in as many shapes and sizes. When you shop at, you can stick to your whole grain guns while indulging in different tastes, textures and cuisines – all for a satisfyingly low price.

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