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Vitamin Gummies for the Whole Family

Whether you’re dealing with a finicky toddler or a full-grown adult who still grumbles at the thought of taking supplements, there’s an easy and delicious way to simplify your supplement routine: gummies!

With naturally fruity flavors and fun shapes, gummy vitamins are easy to take and offer the perfect alternative to capsules, tablets, softgels and even liquid vitamins - and because you chew these squishy supplements rather than swallow them whole, the nutrients in gummy vitamins are absorbed and assimilated quickly.

Gummy Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & More

From gummy bear vitamins, fiber gummies and fish oil gummies for kids to vitamin D gummy supplements and gummy prenatal vitamins for adults, these chewable, candy-like creations can provide many different nutrients you (or your children) may be lacking in your daily diet.

At, you can choose from single or multi-nutrient gummy supplements from trusted brands such as Vitafusion vitamins, Hero Nutritionals Yummi Bears, Nordic Naturals, Nature’s Plus Animal Parade and our very own Vitacost brand, made with natural flavors from fruit and vegetable concentrates. (When it comes to gummy vitamins, adults and kids agree that great-tasting natural flavors are best!) p>

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Stop the supplement struggles and vitamin-related tantrums that come along with hard-to-swallow pills or icky tasting tablets - go for gummy vitamins instead!

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