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Organic Baby Products and Organic Baby Snacks

You want nothing but the best for your baby. Before his arrival, you spent all your free time researching car seats and assembling pint-sized pieces of furniture. And now that he's finally here (congratulations!), it's time to make some important decisions about the baby products you'll be using every day for the next few years.

From food and snacks to lotions and bubble bath - how do you know which brands and products are the best?

Here are some things to look out for when you're shopping for healthy baby products:

  • Organic baby foods: When it comes to formula, foods and snacks, be sure to look for products made from high-quality ingredients. Organic baby snacks, formulas and foods are a good choice because they're made from fruits, vegetables and grains that are grown without the use of pesticides - plus, they're typically free of artificial flavors, colors and chemical preservatives.
  • Natural bath & body products: Diaper cream, shampoo, bubble bath, lotion - there are many different products that touch your baby's skin. So it's important to look for gentle, organic baby products that are free of harmful chemicals, colors and additives. Several specific ingredients to avoid include parabens, sulfates and generic "fragrance."
  • Organic toys: At one point or another, every one of your baby's toys will make its way into his mouth, even his favorite stuffed bunny rabbit. Natural baby products made from organic cotton - such as plush stuffed animals - are free from harmful pesticide residue.
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