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Healthy Snacks For Kids

School’s out! That means it’s time for homework, sports and, of course, after-school snacks. Lunch wasn’t that long ago, but all that reading and writing has little tummies rumbling. What’s a busy mom or dad to do? Stock up on healthy snacks for kids at Vitacost, and follow this foolproof plan:

Step One: Keep junk food out of sight! Make healthy kid snacks, such as fresh carrot sticks and hummus or whole-grain crackers and cheese, the first thing they see when the fridge door opens, and good choices become easy to make.

Step Two: Make kids’ snacks fun! Healthy doesn’t have to be boring. Use raisins to create a smiley face on a nut-butter-topped, whole-wheat English muffin, or cut fruit into chunks for kebobs. Short on time? Try good-for-you and tasty pre-packaged kid snacks like Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit snacks.

Step Three: Let kids help! Set up a “make-your-own-trail-mix” station on the counter and have kids customize their own nut-seed-dried fruit blend. Or, let them add ice, soymilk and berries to the blender for a sweet smoothie. Healthy snacks for kids are always a hit when they’re the ones wearing the chef’s hat!

Whether you’ve got one, or a mini-van full of hungry mouths to feed, Vitacost has healthy kid snacks that hit the spot without too hard of a hit on your wallet. End the munchie madness. Start shopping for kids’ snacks at Vitacost today!

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