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Kitchen Products

Kitchen Products
Vitacost - The Clean Collection

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Kitchen products

Remember that feeling—scoring a backpack full of pencils, markers and new folders on a back-to-school shopping spree? As an adult, shopping for kitchen products conjures up that same feeling. How efficient, organized and well-stocked you feel with all new sponges, sandwich bags, and trash bags!

At Vitacost, you’ll find a great selection of kitchen products—and spend far less than you would on the same items at the grocery store. That is, if your grocery store even carries them. Chances are, you’d have to make an extra trip to get the superior biodegradable trash bags, natural fiber sponges and sandwich bags free of plasticizers that you’ll find here.

But healthy living is important to you. And we’re here to make it affordable, even when it comes to notably higher-priced kitchen products from eco-friendly brands such as Seventh Generation, Biobag and Natural Value. So stock your drawers and cabinets with the best sandwich bags, trash bags, sponges and much more—and take the cost out of healthy living—at

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