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Method Products

Method Products
Vitacost - The Clean Collection

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Method All Natural Household Cleaners

If you’re crazy for all-natural cleaning supplies, you probably already know the Method to the madness. But did you know Method® household cleaners were created from the masterminds of two childhood friends?

Roommates, Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan, teamed up when they were tired of their toxic home cleaners. One’s scientific background and the other’s business savvy was the perfect pairing for a clean sweep of cleaning supplies. Not only did the industry explode with new eco-friendly formulas, it got a packaging makeover.

Method®’s non-toxic homecare and personal care products are a popular choice, because they provide:

  1. Fresh aromas - Method® cleaning supplies do not contain bleach, ammonia or other chemicals that offend the senses. Instead, everything from Method® dishwashing liquids to laundry detergents features botanical extracts that infuse a naturally fresh scent in your home.
  2. Fashionable packaging - Method® founders called on the expertise of an exclusive packaging designer to create recycled plastic containers that look as good as their solutions clean.

Method® is committed to serving your well-being and the environment with its tough-on-grime, plant-based natural cleaners.

Shop for your favorite Method® household cleaners and join the people against dirty® in the fight to make our planet - and your home - a clean, safe, great-smelling place to live.

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