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How to Manage Stretch Marks

Your baby is growing, and so is your tummy - which means you might be struggling with the sudden appearance of stretch marks. Not to worry, mama - there are several different ways you can minimize the existence of those stripes:

  1. Cocoa butter: A popular remedy for dry skin, cocoa butter delivers deep hydration that may help soften the appearance of stretch marks. Recommended product: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Formula for Stretch Marks
  2. Vitamin E: This antioxidant nutrient provides support for skin's elasticity, helping to prevent the occurrence of tiny tears under the surface of the skin that are responsible for stretch marks. Recommended product: Nature's Gate Vitamin E Oil
  3. Grape seed oil: This natural substance contains fatty acids and nourishing plant compounds that may help repair and restore skin's texture. Recommended product: Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil
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Motherhood and Maternity Products: Maternity Pads - Stretch Mark Cream

Congratulations, mom-to-be! Your life is about to change in so many ways (mostly good ones).

Because motherhood can be more than a bit overwhelming, we're here to help. has all the motherhood and maternity products you're looking for, and even some you didn't know you needed. And with the convenience of online and mobile shopping, you can focus your attention on more important things – like taking thousands of pictures of your precious little angel!

  • Stretch mark solutions: As your baby grows, these marks often start to show. We encourage you to embrace your "mama stripes," but care for them as well. Shop a wide selection of stretch mark cream, skin oil and lotion products to help your skin stay well hydrated and pliable.
  • Maternity pads: Take extra special care of your sensitive skin after birth by using natural maternity pads, rather than regular sanitary napkins. Made especially for new moms, these natural products are soft, breathable and comfortable.
  • Other products for moms: Browse a growing selection of pre-natal vitamins, herbs and soothing teas to suit your ever-changing needs.

New moms and maternity veterans alike - is your source for helpful products and advice. And just like you, we deliver!

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