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Vitacost - The Clean Collection

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Natural Laundry And Fabric Softener

You have a laundry list of chores to get done before you even look at the actual laundry. That endless mound of dirty clothes haunts us all. Fortunately, this task can be a lot less spooky when you use earth friendly laundry detergent. At filthy-good prices, has a wide selection of clean, organic laundry detergent, dryer sheets and stain removers.

Natural laundry detergent provides synthetic -free cleaning at a fearless force, because natural doesn’t mean ineffective. In fact, at, you’ll find many popular earth-friendly brands you already know and trust. The natural fabric softener sheets from Seventh Generation™ are just one example. You’ll also find fragrance-free detergent, dye-free detergent and biodegradeable laundry accessories, all from top “green” brands. even carries bleach alternative cleaners to keep your whites crisp and clean without choking on chemicals.

Although we can’t move mountains, can deliver laundry essentials right to your door. By putting your earth friendly laundry detergent and other must-haves on Set & Save, you go the extra mile without moving an inch.

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