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Healthy Ready To Eat meals

You can have fast food. Yes, you read that right. Fast food is not forbidden – unless you have to drive to get it. The to-go bag of greasy burgers and fries is still a diet “don’t.” So, what’s a “do” when life is moving at warp speed and there’s no time to make dinner? Ready to eat meals get a green light – and can be made faster than the time it takes to find your car keys.

More importantly, ready to eat meals are the healthier option when you’re crunched for time. Think whole grains, wild Alaskan salmon, vegetables, tofu and beans. At, you’ll find these nutritious ingredients in any number of our heat-and-eat healthy meals. Most of them even come in convenient bowls or cups, making for a quick and easy cleanup.

Find meals ready to eat and able to accommodate your specialty diet when you shop our selection of dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan varieties. You’ll find the most delicious blends and flavors, including teriyaki noodles, cranberry muesli, black bean and lime and many more. Set and Save your favorite ready to eat meals, and they’ll be delivered right to your door on a regular basis. You’ll never again run to the drive-through, because healthy “happy meals” are available right here, at

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