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PowerBar Performance Energy Bar Peanut Butter
Retail price: $23.50
Vitacost price: $14.48
Larabar Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
Retail price: $27.04
Vitacost price: $19.99
Greens Plus Natural Energy Bar
Retail price: $35.88
Vitacost price: $24.99
Be Strong Box

What to pack in your gym bag

If you're heading to the gym before or after work, or in between errands, a gym bag is essential. But which items do you actually need to pack? Here's a handy list:

  • A change of clothes: No time to shower? Spare your fellow supermarket shoppers by changing your clothes before heading off to tackle your to-do list.
  • Supplements & snacks: Don't leave home without your pre-workout powder, a tasty protein bar or a healthy snack, especially if you're not heading straight home.
  • Water bottle: Sure, you could make 20 trips to the water fountain during your workout, but a refillable bottle is much more convenient. If you plan to make a post-workout protein shake, be sure to pack a shaker bottle, too.
  • Towels: Keep your sweat to yourself! Bring two towels, one to wipe down gym equipment and one to use on your body.
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Vitacost Carries Protein Bars, Nutrition Bars and Low-Carb Bars

Forget hot wings and beer. If you’re serious about health and fitness, you need to skip the sports bar and instead, set your sights on a different kind of bar - the kind that nourishes and energizes your body.

Protein bars are one type of food bar that are popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Protein bars provide the body with muscle-fueling protein (duh), as well as other essential nutrients. For busy, active people who prefer to eat several small meals per day, protein bars may work well as an on-the-go meal replacement.

For those who need a little dietary support, nutrition bars are a good choice - they’re typically packed with vitamins and minerals. Look for nutrition bars that are made from real foods, such as whole grains and dried fruit.

Need fast fuel? Energy bars may do the trick. With fast-burning carbs, energy bars are a quick way to kick start your workout or other activity. Be mindful of the calorie content, as and your own personal dietary needs, as some energy bars may contain .

If you’re on a special diet, look for low-carb bars that provide energy and nourishment without excess sugar and simple carbs. is raising the bar - with a wide selection of nutrition, energy, low-carb and protein bars all available at amazing everyday low prices!

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