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Five Reasons to Stay Hydrated

Are you breathing? Then you need water. Have you eaten recently? You’re probably thirsty. Did you get in a good workout today? It’s time to drink up. Your body is composed of approximately 60% water, and your tissues, cells and organs use it to power important bodily functions. During digestion, respiration, perspiration and other processes, your body loses water that needs to be replaced.

Still not convinced? Check out these five reasons to stay hydrated:

Why drink water?

  • When you use it, you lose it. Whether you're sweatin' to the oldies or cycling up a storm in spin class, a tough workout means perspiration. Drinking water during and after exercise can help replenish fluids and electrolytes.
  • It helps you stay fuller, longer. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Grab a glass of water every couple hours to keep your tummy full. Drinking fluids before or during your meal can also keep you from overeating.
  • It delivers oxygen. Your body needs oxygen, and water helps deliver it to different organs, tissues and cells.
  • To support digestion. Water helps break down food. It especially helps your body dissolve soluble fiber, so your digestive system continues to run smoothly.
  • It helps with a svelte figure. When you deprive your body of water, it tends to hold on to every bit it can - leading you to feel puffy and bloated. By constantly replenishing and releasing your water supply, you’ll keep things running smoothly (and reveal those muscles while you’re at it).
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Sports Fitness and Nutrition

Whether you’re training for a race, looking to build muscle or trying to lose weight, you already know that sports and fitness activities are essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Now sports and fitness enthusiasts can rejoice - has the top brands you’re searching for, including Optimum Nutrition, Twinlab, Dymatize and Jay Robb, to name a few.

From expertly formulated supplements to healthy foods to fitness accessories, has hundreds of sports nutrition products to help you accomplish your sports and fitness goals.

Plus, you can grab free samples of popular sports nutrition products to find out which brand or product is right for you.

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